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Date: 2018-02-27 14:31

Anand Joshiji, please try to understand, this blog is about veg and non-veg. The intention here is about should we eat meat or should not we. How does the germs in my stomach and body fit here. How does Sri Ram and Pandavas fit in here. The message is simple, we need to adopt vegetarian lifestyle due to the following reasons:
6. All violence, *censored*, murder, war, mass killing, crime and anti-social activities have one common background. The people involved in all these activities are people who have adopted a non-vegetarian lifestyle. I have spent over 65 years with non-vegetarian people and I have a first hand experience with them.
basic Indian religions of Sanatana Dharma, Buddha Dharma and Jaina Dharma are based upon the philosophy of Ahimsa and transmigration (re-birth). We cannot kill any living being because it is re-born in this world to suffer for a specified period of time and a natural death for it to complete its life-cycle. Since all these dharmas are based purely upon logic and philosophy, we need to respect the philosophical views given in the sutras.
8. All over the world people are committing sin, people are after easy money, after violence and corruption. Tell me Mr. Joshi should I also jump on to the same bandwagon and adopt myself to the sinful changes or should I preach people to refrain from indulging into sinful activities. Sir please do not talk about Lord Buddha 8767 s death. It was poisonous mushroom and not pork he ate at the house of a cobbler, due to which he died.
non-veg comes extreme violence. 655 years ago there were no terrorists, bomb blasts or religious fundamentalists. With the great grand father, grand father, father and lastly the son living on non-veg diet, the gene turned violent day by day and the results are in front of you.
do a case study of vegetarian villages in India, you will find the police stations here have less criminal cases reported. The buffaloes,cows, goats, chickens are all given names and treated like family members.
should be proud to be first Indians, vegetarians and then whoever we are. Very few percentage of Indians know about India, about the Ancient Indian philosophies. Worldwide, when I travel I get lots of respect when I speak to people as an Indian. Worldwide an Indian is supposed to be peaceful, non-violent, knowledgeable, spiritual, loving, compassionate and merciful. This is the basic impression people have of Indians. This impression came from our ancestors, but today unfortunately, we are corrupting our dharmas, our own selves and above all our world of peaceful existence. So long Indians continue to live on non-vegetarian diet we will all suffer.

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Now, it turns out, though, that there are several problems with this model. The main problem is that it s wrong. It s just not true. (Laughter) And I m going to talk about three reasons why it s wrong. So the first reason is a logical reason. It s the problem of the fallacy of affirming the consequent. So that s another fancy, academic way of saying that false theories can make true predictions. So just because the prediction comes true doesn t actually logically prove that the theory is correct. And I have a good example of that too, again from the history of science. This is a picture of the Ptolemaic universe with the Earth at the center of the universe and the sun and the planets going around it. The Ptolemaic model was believed by many very smart people for many centuries. Well, why? Well the answer is because it made lots of predictions that came true. The Ptolemaic system enabled astronomers to make accurate predictions of the motions of the planet, in fact more accurate predictions at first than the Copernican theory which we now would say is true. So that s one problem with the textbook model. A second problem is a practical problem, and it s the problem of auxiliary hypotheses. Auxiliary hypotheses are assumptions that scientists are making that they may or may not even be aware that they re making. So an important example of this comes from the Copernican model, which ultimately replaced the Ptolemaic system. So when Nicolaus Copernicus said, actually the Earth is not the center of the universe, the sun is the center of the solar system, the Earth moves around the sun. Scientists said, well okay, Nicolaus, if that s true we ought to be able to detect the motion of the Earth around the sun. And so this slide here illustrates a concept known as stellar parallax. And astronomers said, if the Earth is moving and we look at a prominent star, let s say, Sirius — well I know I m in Manhattan so you guys can t see the stars, but imagine you re out in the country, imagine you chose that rural life — and we look at a star in December, we see that star against the backdrop of distant stars. If we now make the same observation six months later when the Earth has moved to this position in June, we look at that same star and we see it against a different backdrop. That difference, that angular difference, is the stellar parallax. So this is a prediction that the Copernican model makes. Astronomers looked for the stellar parallax and they found nothing, nothing at all. And many people argued that this proved that the Copernican model was false.

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There is long debate that whether islam is fastest growing religion or not. For a moment lets agree it is fastest growing religion but its also fastest in loosing it 8767 s adherents. After experiencing islam for number of years people now know that islam only teaches violence against unbelievers. If there are 5555 britons converting to islam every hear, there are millions of people in Iran, Africa, Libya, Egypt etc are converting to christianity. Apparently the Iranian and Malaysian government are discussing to implement death for apostasy. In malaysia thousands of muslims have already embraced christianity. I have met few iranian students in Australia, UK, who do not prefer themselves to be called muslims. They do no like islam and call themselves Zoroastrian. The London Times estimates 65 percent of born muslims living in western europe have left islam and 755,555 in the UK alone. Number of muslims who converted Christianity do not openly discuss this because of fear of death, especially in countries where majority is islamic population. The street harassment in UK has doubled in highly muslim population areas of UK. No doubt muslim population in UK has increased but mostly because of high birthrate and other reason is love jihad, which we all are aware of. Only few handful converts are practicing muslims. There are many reports and statements from female muslim converts in UK do not prefer to hang out with born muslims, because of dissimilarities in thinking. The petro dollars from Saudi is widely used to market islam in western countries and in Asia. In tube stations of London and other cities you will find muslims distributing free books of islam (i have read a couple, they are rubbish and lies). However, reading that lies many people think that islam is religion of peace and are trapped. THere are also many cases where many of converts have converted back to christianity after reading Koran (one report from genuine source says 75 % of american muslim converts 8767 , converted back to Christianity). We can see in the world that most of the muslim countries are poor and less developed, let it be in asia or africa. Saudi, iran is exception because of high oil reserves. All the new buildings and infrastructure is developed by American or german companies. Until a decade ago most of the oil companies in saudi were owned my americans and saudi royals were given royalty. Malaysia is developed because of democracy, whereas Dubai and abu dhabi have extremely high debt. I would support the fact cited by Atheist hindu that there is no quality in muslims, especially in Muslim majority countries.

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